Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Three Great (and free) conferences you can attend without leaving your home!

We lead busy lives and face it, as much as we'd like to attend conferences money, time, and distance can be an issue. Virtual conferences make it easy to partake in some professional development in the comfort of your living room!

Coming up first on the docket is the Learning 2.0 Conference, being held August 20-24th, on-line, across timezones, and free. It's quickly coming up, yes, and may be at a tough time because of school starting up, but the agenda sounds really interesting. From the website: "The Learning 2.0 Conference is a unique chance to participate in a global conversation on rethinking teaching and learning in the age of the Internet."

Topics for the conference include:

Classroom 2.0 --The Changing Nature of the Classroom
Student 2.0-- Changes to Student Learning
Teacher 2.0-- Personal and Professional Development
School 2.0--The Where, When, and How of Formal Learning
Pedagogy-- Re-evaluating Teaching and Learning Methods

Proposals for presentations are being accepted from July 25th - August 15, 2012.

Following in the same format as the Learning 2.0 Conference is the Library 2.012 Conference, taking place from October 3-5th. In this free conference, the current and future state of libraries will be discussed with participants all around the globe.

Topics include:
Libraries – Physical and Virtual Learning Spaces
Librarians & Information Professionals - Evolving Professional Roles in Today’s World
Content & Creation - Organizing and Creating Information
Changing Delivery Methods
User Centered Access
Mobile and Geo-Social Information Environments

Proposals for presentations are being accepted from June 15th - September 15th, 2012.

And finally, the Global Education Conference will take place on November 12th-November 16th. This free (see the trend?) conference is all about making global connections, "while supporting cultural awareness and recognition of diversity."

There doesn't seem to be a set agenda, but the accepted sessions look really interesting. Proposals are being accepted from May 15th-October 15th, 2012.

You probably need to be a little techno-savvy to listen in on the conferences and/or present, but the directions and needed software are all included on the websites!

Happy conferencing!


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